Thanks to your tremendous generosity WE MET OUR GOAL!  

We are thrilled to be able to fund student & classroom enrichment, school programs and family events throughout the year. We are grateful for your contributions and we simply would not be able to do it without your support.  

Last Friday we celebrated at the Jag-a-thon during the last hour of the school day. Every student had the option to participate and received lap prizes and some treats. We were so lucky to have special guests join us, including DJ Mike Schubert and Sparty! 

We'd also like to thank our local sponsors who so generously donated to the Jag-A-Thon:  Bob Richards, Klahanie Chevron & Service Center & Huntington Learning Academy.

A Huge thank you to our volunteers who helped plan and braved the rain on Friday to make the Jag-a-Thon a blast for students and staff: Amy Myhre, Ana Gentilini, Andrea Cichanski, Ashley Olsen, Carly Simon, Demelza Sato, Eli Neidig, Elizabeth Moravec, Emma Livingston, Gwen Hoover, Hayeon Suh, Hongyan Du, Jennifer Gleason, Jennifer Norton, Jenny Plumb, Jessica Larsson, Joanna Moore, Julia Chiaro, Kavitha Naidu, Kavitha Nakka, Kyla Birnbaum, Laura Perez, Lindsey Neidig, Lisa Galicia, Meredith King, Meredith Spencer, Michelle Chu, Mike Schubert, Natalie Kozimor, Neetu Nair, Rachel Pennoyer, Prakrita Sharma, Rian Jones, Rina Kato, Salena Skogstad, Samantha Prokop, Sean Skogstad, Shannon Burke, Steve "Sparty" Meyer, Taya Montgomery, Valerie Hiegel, Wanqin Yang, Ying Zheng, and many others.  

We could have not pulled this off without your help and we sincerely thank you.