Endeavour Elementary PTSA 2017-2018

Endeavour Afterschool Enrichment Club Participant Agreement


Welcome to Endeavour Afterschool Clubs! We are looking forward to another fun and exciting year of afterschool programs that extend and expand student interest beyond what the core curriculum can support.


In keeping with the Mission Statement and Goals of our PTSA, Endeavour Afterschool Clubs will:

  • Be “dedicated to providing an enriched educational and social experience, by partnering with parents, staff, and students to support and inspire the children of our community.”
  • “Provide enrichment programs that enable all students to reach their full potential while receiving a well-rounded education.”


Endeavour Afterschool Clubs Description, Goals and Guidelines:

  • Endeavour Afterschool Clubs are extra-curricular programs sponsored and funded by the Endeavour Elementary PTSA under the supervision of the PTSA Board of Directors and our School Principal, and are run by parent volunteers.
  • Endeavour Afterschool Clubs focus on: 1) fostering a love of learning in all student members, 2) teaching all members how to work in teams to complete given tasks and solve problems collaboratively, 3) providing a unique opportunity for Endeavour students to meet other students and form friendships and practice leadership that would otherwise be unlikely during the normal school day.
  • Although learning and practicing for competition will be an integral part of some of the Clubs, winning competitions at the expense of student or parent goodwill goes against the overall Mission of Afterschool Clubs (see above). Parent coaches/volunteers commit to supporting all Club members through unbiased coaching/volunteering. Favoritism works against the inclusive and cooperative environment of the Clubs.
  • Every parent and student member has the responsibility of making their Club a fun, inclusive, balanced learning environment for every child and parent involved. Conflicts between students or parents will be mediated privately by the Club Chair, the PTSA Board of Directors, and the Principal.
  • The use of group emails to settle disputes between students/parents publically is a violation of the District “Civility Policy” and Club guidelines, and will result in a student’s dismissal from their Club.
  • The Club Chair will assess the learning needs of the Club and inform parent volunteers of their Club’s policy on bringing siblings to Club meetings and sibling behavior guidelines.
  • Members of Endeavour Afterschool Clubs must be members of the Endeavour PTSA. Go to endeavourptsa.org to submit your membership form and volunteer to help with your child’s club!
  • Parents agree to picking up their child promptly from Club meetings and contacting the Club Chair directly if the parent arranges to have an alternate pick up person for any given day.


Thank you for supporting these wonderful PTSA enrichment programs!

The 2017-2018 Endeavour PTSA Board


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