Wednesday April 26th from 5:30pm-8pm join us at Endeavour Elementary to see cultural booths, purchase food from a variety of food trucks, enjoy student performances and experience a special presentation by Beats of Redmond! @beatsofredmond
*There will be limited parking at Endeavour, please consider taking advantage of the shuttle bus we are providing from Beaverlake Middle School. Buses will shuttle from 5:30pm until 8:30pm. Please do not block the bus lane at BLMS! Buses will be using them.*

Please volunteer to make Heritage night a success!

The night of the event students, families and staff will be able to visit different country booths where families will teach and share a little bit of their heritage, language and traditions. Enjoy cultural performances from around the world and have a bite to eat from a myriad of food trucks. Volunteer opportunities available. Click HERE to help

Optional Flag decoration project!

Please join us in this optional Flag/Symbol project around culture as part of our preparation for Heritage Night on April 26th. Your artwork will be presented in a hallway display and our goal is to represent everyone at the school. Our original deadline was April 5th, but we want to make sure and reflect as many projects as possible. As a result, we’ve extended the deadline. Please return to your teacher by the extended deadline, Wednesday, April 19th.

Project Description: In the rectangle on the worksheet, please draw a country flag or symbol that you identify with culturally. This could be where you, your parents, grandparents, or ancestors were born, and reflects traditions you honor in your home (meals, holidays, dress, dance, etc.). This could also be a symbol representing a region, group of people, or religion of cultural importance to you. You can ask your parent(s) or caregiver(s) to help to look this up. Then answer the questions below. Questions? Please reach out to