2023-2024 Endeavour Staff who work directly with students in an educational capacity have access to Staff Grants funded by the Endeavour PTSA to support student learning.  These grants are available for many needs including but not limited to General Ed Classroom, LRC, Reading Specialist, Counselor, Library, Music Room, P.E., and more.   You may pool funds with other staff members should you wish to use the funds collaboratively. 

These grants are specifically to support student learning; some examples include but are not limited to: classroom supplies, books, learning subscriptions, classroom tech, games, PE materials, etc. Please note items purchased with PTSA Staff Grant Funds are property of Endeavour unless it’s a consumable item (e.g. snacks, learning incentives, paper, etc). 

To be eligible you must work directly with students during the school day. If you have a specific need for the building (e.g. Custodial, Health Room, Food Prep, Technology, Administration), please email Jenn Jones at treasurer@endeavourptsa.org with list of needs, budget requested and how they will benefit the school.  


Submit this form, upload your receipts and a reimbursement check will be issued within ~two weeks of form submission. Note: the form will require you to use a gmail account.  If you do not have a Google email address, please email your receipts directly to treasurer@endeavourptsa.org

Grants are available until May 31st. Please submit your reimbursements before this deadline.  Questions?  Email Jenn Jones at treasurer@endeavourptsa.org