2020 - 2021 PTSA Board Members


Co-President Amy Myhre amy.myhre@endeavourptsa.org 
Co-President Joanna Moore joanna.moore@endeavourptsa.org 
Co-Vice President Jessica Larsson jessica.larsson@endeavourptsa.org
Co-Vice President Lisa Galicia lisa.galicia@endeavourptsa.org
Secretary Demelza Sato demelza.sato@endeavourptsa.org
Treasurer Dinesh Natarajan Mohan Dinesh.NatarajanMohan@endeavourptsa.org 
VP of Communications Ashley Olsen ashley.olsen@endeavourptsa.org 
VP of Ways and Means   Open president@endeavourptsa.org
VP of Volunteers Christina Riley christina.rileyt@endeavourptsa.org
VP of Programs Samantha Prokop samantha.prokop@endeavourptsa.org 
Room Parent Coordinator Ana Gentilini ana.gentilini@endeavourptsa.org 
Issaquah Schools Foundation Representative Meredith Spencer meredith.spencer@endeavourptsa.org
Advocacy Representative Meredith King meredith.king@endeavourptsa.org
Membership Chair Jen Shepherd jen.shepherd@endeavourptsa.org 

What has your PTSA done for you lately?

  • Sponsors many family events throughout the school year including Spooky Spaghetti, Family/Stem Math Night, Culture Night and Art Walk.
  • Provides grants to Endeavour Elementary school which make the following things possible:  Science-To-Go curriculum in every classroom, Teacher grants for classroom supplies and books, ELL and Math Buddies intervention support, grade-level grants to subsidize programs and field trips including Toyman and Camp Colman.  
  • Sponsors student enrichment programs such as Discover Art, Reflections, Eager Reader, and Science Fair.
  • Sponsors after school clubs such as E-Kids, and Math Club.
  • Para-professional grant provides additional staffing at lunches and recess.
  • Technology grant provides laptops and software subscriptions for classroom instruction.
  • Executes fundraisers like the Jag-a-Thon, Book Fair and others which make all of the above programs possible. Please review our Annual Report to see where your money goes and how it helps to enrich the lives of our children.


Endeavour Elementary takes great pride in its tremendous parent support. You can really be the hero! Our PTSA and parent volunteers are what make Endeavour such a great community! None of the above listed programs would be possible without the PTSA and your generous support and contributions.


Care Maree Harper, Position still to be filled
Cherstin Aageson, Julie O’Brien
Miranda Cantine, Lindsay Meyer