Endeavour PTSA 

Mission Statement & Goals 2023-24 


Dedicated to providing enriched educational and social experiences, by partnering with parents, staff, and students to support and inspire the children of our community. 



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Build a strong community within Endeavour by embracing our diversity to create and support equitable programs which encourage every family member an opportunity to have a voice, volunteer and participate.    

Educational Support: Offering enrichment programs that enhance students’ ability to reach their full potential while receiving a well-rounded education.  

Staff Collaboration: Support and encourage the Endeavour staff and administration through various grants, staff appreciation activities, classroom volunteer efforts and emergency preparedness.  

Student Wellness: Strive to promote healthy and balanced lifestyles within our school community including mental and physical health. Celebrate the accomplishments of Endeavour’s students and PTSA programs. 

Communication: Transparently communicate Endeavour PTSA goals, programs, and allocation of funds to our school community.  


Advocacy: To create a better world for our children, have a seat at the table where decisions about children and youth are being made, and support those students who need someone to speak for them. Provide parents the opportunity for education and engagement with decision makers.  


Membership: Encourage all to become members and attend general membership meetings. Drive membership rate relative to student base by the membership deadline in collaboration with the National PTA's mission of Every Child, One Voice.